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Disney Delays Star Wars VIII & Sexy Film News

Your shockingly Canadian, hilariously action packed movie news of the week.

Space Jam TIFF Live Read - http://gu.nu/iuEV
(BONUS LINK: Original Funny or Die reading - http://gu.nu/jpCU)
Key and Peele’s Keanu trailer - http://gu.nu/eSU
Kickstarter’s Year Of The Trailer - http://gu.nu/xBH
(Trevor & Fish’s Soothsayer KS - http://gu.nu/4S9)
Canadian Screen Award Nominees - http://gu.nu/f149
Disney moves Star Wars to December - http://gu.nu/DN7
Terminator Sequel Off the release schedule - http://gu.nu/ghSU
Tom Cruise Mummy Movie Has a Date - http://gu.nu/z1DZ