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The Last Witch Hunter News & Notes

When you want to know all about Vin Diesel’s flaming sword…

Metacritic Rating - http://gu.nu/fBI
IMDb rating - http://gu.nu/pw0
Rotten Tomatoes score - http://gu.nu/yz8
Vulture article on Vin’s flaming sword setup - http://gu.nu/5GV
MTV’s photos of Vin’s flaming sword - http://on.mtv.com/1RU1dCL
The D&D genesis of The Last Witch Hunter - http://gu.nu/mXY
How TLWH help Diesel get through the loss of Paul Walker - http://gu.nu/1WX
Watch Vin Diesel play D&D - http://gu.nu/uUZ