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Vin Diesel brought Riddick back for die-hard fans of the series to enjoy.

Riddick is an interesting part-sequel/part-reboot of Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick.

The film begins with a rebirth of the character that serves as a metaphor for the series (over 8 years have elapsed since Chronicles of Riddick was released). We then explore an unforgiving planet with the lone wolf we have only been told about in previous films. It is there that he transforms back into the animal he once was.

Unfortunately the rest of the film does not follow the first act’s bold choices. It is heavy with conveniently written plot points instead of smart character moments. Just like with Chronicles of Riddick  this film tries to do too much with too little time.

I did enjoy seeing Dave Bautista before his big Guardians Of The Galaxy role. As well as Katee Sackhoff playing a strong, albite poorly explored, character.

Riddick seems to be a labor of love for Vin Diesel  Who wouldn’t love to be a bad ass anti-hero character? More of the anti-hero and less of the one line jokester would have served this film better.

Hardcore fans who have been itching for a new film will love it, but those of you who are only casual fans may want to wait for it to hit Netflix.

Big thanks to Wizard’s Comics for the passes.