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Don Jon

Porn. It has consequences.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt exposes porn addiction in Don Jon with passionate expertise.

His eye-opening directorial debut about sex, love, and relationships is a bold success. Perhaps this is a result of working with the best directors in Hollywood over the past two years such as: Christopher Nolan, Rian Johnson, Jonathan Levine, and Steven Spielberg.

Mr. Gordon-Levitt’s first major script is very R-rated and dramatic. For those of you who are expecting more of a comedy… you have been warned.

The beefed up Mr. Gordon-Levitt and the attractive Miss Johansson will keep you interested while their story unfolds and leave you thinking twice about our over sexualized world.

I suggest you see this film in theaters. You will come away with a great appreciation for the message it shares so honestly.