Here Comes The Summer

It’s almost time for warm summer days and cool air-conditioned theatre nights, where movies like Jaws, Terminator 2, and The Avengers are born. Where guys like Spielberg, Cameron, and now Whedon take over and flex their entertainment muscles. It’s my favorite time of the movie year (sorry, Oscar season). It’s time for the summer movie season! Below are all of the films I am particularly hoping will make this 2014 summer movie season rock. Let’s hold hands, look wide-eyed at the screen, and go through them together.

Let’s start with the movies with smaller budgets: Jon Favreau brings us all his first writing/directing gig in a long time with Chef (May 9). Social media, food trucks, and an underdog story all have my interest piqued when it comes to this indie flick. Throw in Favreau’s Iron Man friends Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr. and you’ve got yourself a sweet-smelling recipe.


Next on the small budget docket is June’s last hope (for me anyways): The Signal (June 13). While movies like Edge Of Tomorrow, 22 Jump Street, How To Train Your Dragon 2, and Transformers: Age Of Extinction all look like they could be fun, only The Signal was able to capture all of my attention with a single trailer. I know next to nothing about the plot of this film and I’m so excited to keep it that way until June 13th. The Signal is easily the movie I’m most looking forward to this Summer. Go watch the teaser trailer and join me in my glee.


And speaking of glee, a film that has already found it’s way into my wallet, Wish I Were Here (July), has also found it’s way onto my Must See list. The Kickstarter-funded spiritual sequel to Zach Braff’s Garden State is due out sometime in July, and looks to be Braff really playing to his audience. And I’m totally okay with that, as I am definitely in that audience. I’ve been gobbling up every last piece of information about this film and I’m already talking with friends about where and how we can get together to watch this film. I was going to see this film no matter what (it’s part of being a backer) but now I’m getting even more impatient to see it.


And now on to those big budget flicks: Godzilla (May 16) is coming back to the big screen and he (she? it?) looks ready to rumble. Normally I wouldn’t be down for a reboot like this, especially after remembering the late 90s film so fondly (who doesn’t love Green Day in their soundtracks and Ferris Bueller running around New York?), but Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston and an interesting take on the ideas of the past Godzilla movies have me jonesing to see this one. Hopefully it’s even got some IMAX-formatted shots in there too to really nail the scope they’re going for. Unlike that 90s film, Godzilla actually looks pretty scary too.


A film I’m very obviously excited for (see almost every other movie news video I’ve done) is X-Men: Days of Future Past (May 23). What’s not to like about this film going into it? All-Star cast, Bryan Singer back in the directing chair, and time traveling super heroes. I’m in. You already knew I was in. You knew I was in the moment it was announced. Bring on grey-haired Wolverine!


Straight out of the “didn’t know I wanted it until I saw it” category, Guardians Of The Galaxy (August 1) seemed to even take comic book fans by surprise. With Marvel nailing Captain America: The Winter Soldier in April (see my thoughts on that one here) the hype for Star Lord (“Who?”) and his ragtag team of Star Wars-like miscreants just keeps building. Like The Signal though, I’m trying to view as little marketing from this movie as possible. Fresh eyes and a hopeful heart leads to a better viewing experience, right?


Maybe not with this next film. Second last on my list is a film everybody still seems to be on the fence about: the Michael Bay-produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (August 8). This one goes right along side XM:DOFP in the “Duh Jay is going to see this” lineup. Do I think it looks good? Kind of. Do I think it’ll be fun, though? Definitely. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I go to the theatre. For the fun of it. For the entertainment and escapism. Can’t wait to throw on my 3D Turtle Bandana Glasses and scarf down some popcorn.


And last but not least, I bring to you The Giver (August 15). Jeff Bridges stars in the adaptation of a Young Adult novel I actually remember reading. The trailer for this film wasn’t anything outright amazing, but I have been waiting to see the live action adaptation since I was in Grade 5. I finally know how all you Harry Potter and Hunger Games fans feel. So this film has me on a pure nostalgia rush. Having The Signal’s star Brenton Thwaites in it doesn’t hurt, either.


Those are my big 8 for the summer. Honourable mention goes out to Captain America, who kind of kickstarted the summer early. There’s also a ton of other films I’m interested in this summer, but just haven’t been sold on yet. I’ve got high hopes for the summer, and if at least two of the films in my list can knock it out of the park, I think this summer movie season could really rock.


Edited by James Leask

Jay Runham

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