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The countdown to the Oscars is on, and to celebrate I decided I’d do a Q & A with one of Edmonton’s most sarcastic podcasters: JP Fournier of The Movie Jerks. JP may be one half of the Jerks, but he’s all fun when it comes to film and the Oscars.

I talked with JP about his favourite parts of the upcoming Oscar ceremonies:

How many of the Best Picture films have you seen?
JP Fournier: I have watched all the movies this year, beside a couple of the documentaries, foreign films and a few shorts, but by the end of this month I may have watched those as well. 

Do you think the Oscars are important?
JP Fournier: Less and less each year. We will have to see what wins this year to see if my faith in good film recognition continues. “Gravity” out shines any of the films this year, and there is no argument that I have read that would convince me or any true film fan otherwise. What scares me, however, is that there are already a lot of people hating upon it with the most pathetic reasons for disliking a film, digging and prying for something to despise, because they feel it’s their duty to hate upon that that is successful. These complaints range from what a character’s motivation may be (although the motivation is survival, don’t know how people are missing that) or how someone’s hair might float in a gravity free zone. The movie is the most ground breaking film this year and it’s the most intelligent film to destroy the box office in decades. I fear that people’s insecurities with the past might allow “12 Years a Slave” to win best film, when it only deserve best Supporting Actress, maybe actor. The message of the film, although important, shouldn’t defeat the whole package. 

Who would you take to the Oscars if you got to go?
JP Fournier: I would possibly bring someone that would shock the presses, just to get more publicity, someone like Carrot Top, Mr. T, or Alf. 

What would you take to arrive in style?
JP Fournier: Is this a drug question? Maybe just a couple of shots of alcohol. 

Favourite movie that came out this year?
JP Fournier: I mentioned “Gravity” already. No other movie did I find myself lost in it, forgetting I was watching a film and had me wanting more. But I would also like to mention “Philomena” which is just an emotional delight, and “The World’s End” that I am already looking forward to multiple viewings. 

If you could add an Oscar category what would you add?
JP Fournier: Best Stunt(s), it would make a very fun reel for the nominations. 

Who would you like to see Host the Oscars that hasn’t had a chance to yet?
JP Fournier: Kevin Spacey. 

What do you think of this year’s nominees?
JP Fournier: Not too many surprises this year. I was happy to see “Nebraska” make the cut. Little disappointed in “Captain Phillips” getting a nominated so much, as I thought it was exceptionally dull (with the exception of Tom Hanks last 5 minutes which is incredible acting). 

Anyone or any films you think that got snubbed?
JP Fournier: The movie “Saving Mr. Banks” was snubbed. Also the documentary “Tim’s Vemeere”. 

Who do you think will give the best acceptance speech this year?
JP Fournier: Meryl Streep, but only if she apologizes for how awful “August: Osage County”.

Big thanks to JP for taking the time to answer my questions. You can find more of his Oscar opinions on his and Shawn Gramiak’s multi-award winning podcast: The Movie Jerks!.

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